Large Weaner Frozen Rats 10 pack 51-90g

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  • Dispatched Sunday to Thursday
  • Before noon delivery service
  • Packed in dry ice to keep food frozen
  • High quality frozen rats
  • Size: 11-13 cm excluding the tail
  • Weight 51-90g
At Repxotics we love our reptiles and always aim to feed the highest quality food.  A healthy animal requires a healthy diet! We breed many of our own snakes and lizards and as a result we have tried and tested many suppliers of frozen foods.  We use and supply a nutritious, quality range of frozen foods. Our large weaner frozen rats 10 pack are no exception. Large weaner frozen rats 10 pack are approximately 11-13cm in length and weigh 51-90 grams. Our rats are farm bred and humanely slaughtered in ethical conditions.  Rats are frozen quickly after death ensuring their freshness and nutritional quality. Rats are a nutritional staple food for your larger snakes like Rainbow Boas, Royal Pythons, Small Carpet Pythons and many other species. Frozen rats are sent in plastic packs each of which is individually sealed. Packages are then packed into a square polystyrene box. The gaps are filled and packs of dry ice are included to keep the items frozen during transit. The polystyrene box is then sealed tightly with tape and sent with recorded next day delivery.
  • Ethically bred and humanely slaughtered.
  • Nutritional and exceptional quality.
  • Direct delivery to your door.
We are so confident that your pets will love our range of frozen foods, that we offer a full quality guarantee on all of our frozen products. Ethically farm bred rats, humanely slaughtered and frozen soon after death to ensure their freshness when they get to you. Rats are a nutritional staple food for your snakes and monitor lizards


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