Reptile boarding

Leave Your Pet in Safe Hands

You can board your reptiles at Repxotics with confidence. We have been boarding and caring for reptiles for many years, and looked after a vast number of exotic pet species over this time, everything from stick insects to bearded dragons. Our animal care is second to none so you can rest assured that your animal will receive the best care possible from our professionals whilst you are away.  

All you need to do is book in advance, turn up with your animal and leave the rest to our wonderful and attentive staff, then enjoy your holiday stress free. Invertebrates must be brought to us in suitable accommodation for the duration of their stay, but all other animals will be housed using equipment and enclosures already on site.

This service is very popular so please book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment as we only have limited spaces at any given time. Please contact us for prices and availability.

How it Works

  • Animals are all housed in appropriate sized enclosures for their species and number.
  • All animals are housed in designated enclosures unless they normally live together. We do not mix boarding animals with one another nor with our own stock.
  • Prior to occupancy all enclosures are thoroughly disinfected with veterinary disinfectant and appropriately fumigated.
  • All vivariums are fitted with UV lighting of appropriate strength for the species, and are fitted with thermostatically regulated heat sources fitted with guards.
  • Fresh substrate is always used and will be changed at no extra cost.
  • Suitable furnishings and decorations are provided such as branches, plants, moss boxes, water bowls and hides etc, all of which will have been disinfected with veterinary disinfectant.
  • We do find animals benefit from having a ‘little bit of home’ with them on their holiday, so if you’re able we recommend bringing a favoured hide or branch along with them for their stay – don’t worry, you’ll get it back!
  • Animals will be provided with fresh water daily and appropriate food when required, this is dependent upon species, size, age, and in accordance with any specific dietary preferences or requirements.
  • Animals will be subject to daily health inspection from our trained carers.


  • Bearded Dragons from £10 per day + no cohabitation options
  • Geckos and other Lizards – from £10 per day + £6 per day additional sharing enclosure*
  • Snakes 1.2m or smaller – from £10 per day + £6 per day additional sharing enclosure*
  • Amphibians – from £8 per day + £4 per day additional sharing enclosure*
  • Tortoises – from £10 per day + £6 per day additional sharing enclosure*
  • Invertebrates – from £3.50 per day + £2 per day additional sharing enclosure*

*Cohabitation surcharges are only valid in circumstances where species are known to naturally safely cohabitate, we reserve the right to deny boarding for any species where cohabitation is unsafe, even if they are kept that way at home, as moving the animals can lead to extreme stress.

Solitary species include, but are not limited to: Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, King Snakes, Royal Pythons etc.

All bookings require a 50% non-refundable deposit which is paid towards the total cost of the stay.

Each boarding day starts at 10:30am, so if your pet is collected later than this time, you will be charged for the entire day as our boarding care is one of our first daily tasks.

We’re sorry we do not board any aquatic or semi-aquatic species.


Any cancellations made within 7 days of the booking during our busiest times such as major holidays including:

  • November to January
  • Half terms/school holidays
  • July and August

will be charged at 75% of their expected stay.

Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the stay will be charged the full stay.

So, why worry about your reptile’s wellbeing while you are away?

With our holiday boarding service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious pet is in the hands of caring and experienced professionals.
Contact us today to make a reservation or to learn more about our services.

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