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A Family Run Reptile Business in Somerset

Demetri Benfield is the driving force behind Repxotics having started the company in October 2010 selling reptiles and reptile supplies to the public. In 2011 he added tropical and cold water fish to the shop. Emanating from his passion for animal biology, zoology and wildlife, Demetri has created a thriving business offering a variety of livestock from the smallest invertebrates to the longest snakes.

With a small team of reptile and fish enthusiasts, Repxotics continues to develop as a successful, specialist shop focussing on providing high quality animals, with all the reptile and exotic animal products you need. We offer everything to get you started or progress your reptile keeping, whether you are a beginner to reptiles or a seasoned professional.

All our animals are bred locally with known provenance and all products are sourced from the UK. Repxotics caters towards the dietary requirements of reptiles in the form of live foods, frozen foods and dry foods as well as all the housing, electrical and species-specific decoration you may require for your animals.

Repxotics has a 5 star rating, the highest possible rating under the Animal Activities Licensing Scheme issued by Mendip District Council.

A One Stop Shop

Whilst you can easily find many of our products online, we also welcome customers into our store in Shepton Mallet. Here you can browse our selection of exciting livestock and accessories for both reptiles and aquatics.

Our team’s objective is to continually educate ourselves and our customers with the current advances in exotic pet keeping. Our main priority is animal welfare, and the knowledgeable and friendly team ensures customers are matched with their perfect reptile companion, along with supporting our buyers with the right set up and environment for their beloved animals.

After care is as important as the initial purchase and we are always on hand to provide ongoing specialist support and answer your questions.

Not only that, we also offer a number of additional services in store, ranging from sexing, nail clipping, holiday boarding, basic health checks, as well as equipment assembly services. We also provide a rehoming service as we understand that situations can change.

Meet the team


From a hobby to a successful business, Demetri has created the largest independent exotic animal supplier in Somerset. His BSc degree in Natural Science with Biology and Zoology, and his personal love of exotic animals, ensures he provides a top quality service with exceptional after sales care and specialist knowledge. Demetri says the joy and satisfaction of seeing pet owners with their animals are extremely rewarding. He wants as many people as possible to feel the way he does about animals, so he works closely with customers to educate them, and provide them with everything they and their pets need for a fantastic life together.


Laura has worked at Repxotics since 2016. She has completed NVQ Level 2 in Animal Welfare and has such a vast knowledge of so many species, it’s hard to identify her specialism. Over the years she has successfully bred and kept many different species of exotic animals. Currently she has a bearded dragon called Bash, a royal python named Callahan, two leopard geckos called Radar and Jethro, seven tarantulas, two fish tanks and several breeding colonies of isopods. Laura really is the font of all knowledge!


Our most recent member of the team is Sarah who joined us in September 2023, she comes with a degree in Zoology with Entomology and a passion for everything invertebrate. She keeps stick insects, leaf insects, mossy frogs, and neon tetras in a bioactive paludarium. Sarah also loves music and is level 7 in clarinet, we wonder if her brood of invertebrates also appreciate her dulcet tones.


Robyn is qualified with a BTEC Diploma in Animal Management and has now been with the Repxotics for 6 months. Despite hailing from an animal rescue background dealing with mostly fluffy animals, she’s now turned her focus to maintaining our fish room, including tank maintenance and managing fish sales. No surprise, she has an affection for all animals but has a special interest in tropical fish and a love of wildlife ponds.

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