Silent Crickets – Small (Tub of 500)

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Silent crickets are a brilliant staple feeder insect for all insectivores, they’re high in protein and high in nutrition which make them the perfect choice for your reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. These crickets come straight from our livefood breeder and are gut loaded upon arrival. This is a quiet species and will often be quiet even when they reach adulthood. What we feed these to in store: We find these crickets are perfect for a variety of critters, such as
  • Baby Lizards, i.e. Bearded Dragons/Agamids
  • Baby treefrogs i.e. Red Eye Tree Frogs, Amazon Milk Frogs
  • Other Juvenile frog species i.e Pacman Frogs & Giant African Bullfrogs
  • Adult Dart Frogs
  • Juvenile/Dwarf Tarantulas/Slings
  • Juvenile/Dwarf Mantids
  • Juvenile/Baby/Dwarf/Day Geckos & Leopard Geckos
And so much more!
  • Fast delivery to ensure freshness
  • Amazing value for money
  • Approx quantity: 500
  • Size: 4-5mm


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