ProRep Ceramic Heat Emitter 250w

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The Pro Rep Ceramic Heater has been developed specifically for use with reptiles and amphibians, by providing long wave infra-red energy. Because no light is emitted the ceramic heat emitter can be used to heat an environment during the night or as additional heating during the day. Suitable for all species of reptiles or amphibians. Also available in the following wattages PR Ceramic Heater 60w HPC005 PR Ceramic Heater 100w HPC010 PR Ceramic Heater 150w HPC015
  • Size: 8cm diameter, 13cm tall
  • Developed for use with reptiles
  • Provides long wave infra-red energy
  • No light is emitted
  • Great for night time heating or additional heating during the day
  • Use with a guard and thermostat


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