Coral Citrus Hypo Trans Bearded Dragon

£175 each

Captive Bred 2022 - Native to Australia, these lizards are one of the most popular reptile species kept in captivity. This species is a solitary species and doesn't enjoy company. View our full Bearded Dragon Care sheet here.
As adults they require a minimum sized enclosure of 4Ft Long, 2ft deep, 2ft Tall - We recommend starting with this size vivarium as these lizards grow extremely fast. We do not sell Bearded dragons into enclosures smaller than this. Humidity needs to be kept between 40% - 60% Daytime temperatures should range between 32°c - 38°c (89°f - 100°f) across the tank, with a basking zone sitting around 35°c - 40°c (95°f - 105°c). At night temperature can drop as low as 16°c (60°f) but it is advised to keep it between 22°c - 24°c (71°f - 75°c)

Beraded Dragon (Pogona vitticepts)

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