Stocklist of snakes available now.

At Repxotics we love snakes and regularly have our own shop bred babies for sale. Our stock is always changing and as a result our list isn’t always up to date. Please call the shop before getting to excited! If there is a particular snake you are after and don’t see it on or list we may still be able to locate it for you so please do give us an email or call with your wish list.

Below you can find our stocklist of snakes available now.

Boa constrictorHog Island BoaCB20£145Male
Boa constrictorSunglow MotleyCB19£150
Python anchietaeAngolan PythonCB14£350Female
Python anchietaePython anchietaeCB14£350Male
Python regiusEnchi BlackheadCB21£300 50% OFF NOW £150Female
Python regiusLeopard PinstripeCB21£375 50% OFF NOW £187Female
Python regiusGenetic StripeCB21£175 50% OFF NOW £85Male
Python regiusGHI Leopard MojaveCB21£625 50% OFF NOW £312Male
Python regiusGHI Het PiedCB21£185 50% OFF NOW £92Male
Python regiusSpotnose Het UltramelCB21£100 50% OFF NOW £50Male
Python regiusBongoCB21£200 50% OFF NOW Male
Python regiusPastel Butter ClownCB21£500 50% OFF NOW
Python regiusClown p/h AlbinoCB22£250Female
Python regiusBlack PastelCB22£100Female
Python regiusCinnamonCB22£120Female
Python regiusEnchi ChampagneCB22£225Female
Python regiusEnchi Champagne FireCB22£250Female
Python regiusNormalUnknown/adult£50M/F
Python regiusBananaCB20£150Male
Pyhton regiusCalicoCB18£150Female
Python regiusEnchiCB22£75Male
Python regiusFire d/h lavender, pied poss het desert ghostCB22£100Male
Lampropeltis getula floridanaFlorida KingsnakeCB21£135Unsexed
Lampropeltis californiaeAbberant Cali KingsnakeCB22£150Unsexed
Lampropeltis getula nigritaMexican Black King SnakeCB22£225Unsexed
Gonyosoma boulengeriRhino RatsnakeCB21£275Unsexed
Pantherophis guttatusCarolina Corn SnakeADULT£40Female
Pantherophis guttatusCarolina Corn SnakeADULT£40
Heterodon nasicusWestern HognoseCB21£125Males & Females
Heterodon nasicusWestern HognoseCB18£125Male
Heterodon nasicusSuper Conda HognoseCB22£160Male
Heterodon nasicusAnaconda HognoseCB22£150Unsexed
Rhinocheilus leconteiLong-Nosed SnakeCB17£75Female
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalisShuett Albino Eastern Garter SnakeCB22£350 Unsexed