Stocklist of snakes available now.

At Repxotics we love snakes and regularly have our own shop bred babies for sale. Our stock is always changing and as a result our list isn’t always up to date. Please call the shop before getting to excited! If there is a particular snake you are after and don’t see it on or list we may still be able to locate it for you so please do give us an email or call with your wish list.

Below you can find our stocklist of snakes available now.

Boa constrictorBoa constrictor Motley CB20£100Female
Boa constrictor - El SalvadorEl Salvador Boa CB20£145Males and Females
Gongylophis colubrinusKenyan Sand Boa CB20£120Unsexed
Python regiusRoyal Python NormalCB20£75Male
Python regiusRoyal Python Banana Pastel CB20£225Male
Lampropeltis californiaeCalifornia KingsnakeCB21£150Unsexed
Lampropeltis getula floridanaFlorida KingsnakeCB21£135Unsexed
Lampropeltis getula floridanaPeanut Butter Florida KingsnakeCB21£145Unsexed
Lampropeltis getula nigritaMexican Black KingsnakeCB21£250Males Only
Lampropeltis triangulum campbelliPueblan milk snakeCB18£90Unsexed
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensisHonduran Milk SnakeCB19£90Unsexed
Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoniAlbino Nelson's Milk SnakeCB20£125Unsexed
Elaphe climacophoraKunashir Rat SnakeCB19£350PAIR
Oreocryptophis P. PulchraYunnan Mountain Rat SnakeCB19£120Unsexed
Pantherophis guttatusCaramel Corn SnakeCB21£95Unsexed
Pantherophis guttatusAmel Corn SnakeCB21£75Unsexed
Pantherophis guttatusAnery Corn SnakeCB21£80Unsexed
Pantherophis guttatusSnow Corn SnakeCB21£95Unsexed
Pantherophis guttatusCarolina Corn SnakeCB21£75Unsexed
Heterodon nasicusWestern HognoseCB20£125Male
Leioheterodon geayiMadagascar Speckled HognoseCB20£150Male
Orthriophis taeniurusChinese Beauty SnakeCB19£180Unsexed