GHI Leopard Mojave Royal Python | Male

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Captive Bred 2021 -This species of snake originates from Africa where there is still a wild population that live in the grasslands and shrublands, though most of the ones you see in the UK market are captive bred. View our full Royal Python Care sheet here.

As adults they require a minimum sized enclosure of 4Ft Long, 2ft deep, 2ft Tall

Humidity needs to be kept around 75%, this can be achieved by misting once or twice a week, or the addition of a fogger/mister. It's also vital to have a water dish large enough to act as a pool for the snake.

Daytime temperatures should range between 26°c - 31°c (80°f - 88°f) across the tank, with a basking zone sitting around 34°c (91°f). At night temperature can drop as low as 18°c (64°f) but it is advised to keep it between 24°c - 27°c (75°f - 80°c)

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