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Royal Python

Snakes Stock List 

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Age: Species Details: Gender: Price:

Corn Snakes

CB17 Bloodred / Diffused
(het hypo & lavender)
Unsexed £60
CB17 Masque Bloodred / Diffused
(het hypo & lavender)
Unsexed £70
CB  Ultramel Unsexed £50
CB17 Blizzard  Female  £80 
CB15 Carolina  Female  £35 
CB13 Lavender  Female  £65 
CB13 Snow Female £65 
S-Ad Amel Female £40
S-Ad Anery Female £45
S-Ad Snow Female £45
CB17 Snows Males £40


Amels Males £30
CB17 Carolinas Males £30
CB13 Amel Motley Male  £45
CB16 Amaretto Motley Male  £80
CB13 Butter Motley (Pet Only) Male  £50 
CB10 Amel Male  £40 
S-Ad Amel  Male  £35 
Adult Amel Male £35
Adult Carolina Male £35
Adult Ghost  Male £45


CB15 Childrens Python  Male  £80 

Royal Pythons

CB17 Black Eyed Leucistic  Female £460
CB17 Super Fire  Female  £460
CB17 Albino Female  £200 
CB17 Lesser  Female  £80 
CB16 Lesser Female £155
CB16 HGWG Female £145
CB16 Lesser Pinstripe Female £155
CB16 Black Pastel 100% het Albino Female £115
CB16 Spider Female  £80
CB17 Black Eyed Leucistic  Male  £260 
CB16 Black Pastel  Male  £100 
CB16 Spider Enchi Male £135
CB16 Kingpin Male £180 
CB15 Champagne Male *£200
CB15 Pewter Fire Male £325
CB14 Normal  Male  £60
CB13 Normal (x2 Avaliable) Male £60

Boa Constrictors

  Sold Out    

Milk Snake & King Snakes

CB17 Honduran Albino het Snow Female £85
CB17 Honduran Snow Male £85


CB17 Anaconda Western Hognose Male  £100 
CB17 Western Hognose Female  £60 
CB16 Red Albino Hognose  Female  £160 
CB14 Blonde Hognose 
(Leioheterodon modestus)
Female £115 

Rat Snakes

Sold Out     
Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes
Corn snakes are a North American species of rat snake; they have a placid nature and reach a manageable adult size averagely ranging between 3ft-5ft. There is a wide variety of attractive patterns and colourations (Morphs) to choose from. Their basic and simple care requirements make them a popular pet snake, especially for beginners.

Royal Python

Royal Python
Royal Pythons are popular as pets mainly due to their small size (compared to other pythons) and their docile temperament. If scared or shy, Royal Pythons are known to curl up into a tight ball shape; because of this, they are also commonly referred to as 'ball pythons'.

Boa constrictor

Boa Constrictor
Boa constrictors are a heavily-bodied, large species of snake with very powerful muscles. There are multiple variations of constrictor snakes, the smaller species reach 4ft whilst the larger constrictors can reach around 13ft in length. If handled from a young age, these snakes can make great pets and are often used for handling purposes at public displays.

Cali Kingsnake

California King Snake
California King snakes are usually kept as pets for those who wish to upgrade to a slightly larger species than the commonly kept corn snake. King snakes are hardy and simple to care for with a superb feeding response. In captivity their prey consists of frozen mice, chicks and rats . King snakes are usually an active species and with regular handling are easily tamed.

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