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  • Lizards £3.50
  • Tortoises £3.50
  • Geckos £3
  • Snakes £2.50
  • Amphibians £1.50
  • Invertebrates £1

Tel: 01749 938082


Pet Boarding

At Repxotics we understand that leaving your pets and going on holiday can be stressful for both you and your pet. We aim to make your pets experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible. We have excellent facilities and experience so you know that your pet will get the best care allowing you to have a stress free holiday.

The above Prices are per animal per day which includes all food (includes supplements) and accommodation. We house the animals in our boarding enclosures which are fully furnished to the animals requirements ie. Cork, hides, wood, plants and suitable substrates. All of the enclosures are thermostatically temperature controlled and have the option of UVB lighting.  We maintain the correct humidity for each species by daily misting. Some animals don't like the presence of other animals so we aim to make their stay as private as they need to reduce any stress.

We feed them as you would at home - If your animal eats 4 types of livefood this is what we will feed them if they are fixated on one we will just feed that.  For herbivores we will use whatever they regularly eat. All live food and Vegetation will be supplemented with calcium and full spectrum vitamins.

We do advise bringing in an item the animal is familiar with, again depending on the species. For example, bearded dragons often favour a piece of wood or a log in their enclosure so we advise you to bring that to make them feel more at home, but it's completely optional just to help your pet feel more comfortable and at ease as we have all that here if you don't wish to bring any extras from home.

We get very busy during holiday seasons so it is advisable to book your animals in as early as possible.


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