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All of our animals are available to courier to your door (at your expense) although viewing is highly recommended.

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Inverts Stock List 

 *Prices marked with stars are offer prices*
Age:  Species Details: Qty: Price:

Centipedes & Millipedes

 CB17  Nigerian Olive Millipedes    £3
  Vietnam Giant Centipede including set up   £70
  African Giant Train Millipedes   £20 

Stick Insects

CB Spiny Stick Insect   £2           
CB17 Giant Prickly Stick Insect   £3.50
CB Black Beauty Stick Insect   £2.50 
CB Giant Lime Green Stick Insect    £2.50 


CB Egyptian Pygmy Mantis x5 £12
Flower Mantis sexed pair £24
  Budwig Mantis   £12 
  African Lined Mantis   £12
  Dead Leaf Mantis   £12 
  Orchid Mantis   £15 

Other Insects


CB17 Giant African Land Snails (achatina fulica rodatzi)   £3 
CB17 White Jade Giant African Land Snails    £3 

Roaches & Beetles

 All Roaches/Beetles in this category are x5 for £5!
CB  Panchlora nivea (Banana Roaches)   £1.50
CB Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Suriname Cockroach)   £1.50
CB Gromphadorhina portentosa (Giant Hissing Roaches)   £1.50
CB Byrsotria fumigata (Cuban Burrowing Cockroaches)   £1.50
CB Archimandrita tesselata (Peppered Cockroaches)   £1.50

Macleays Spectre Stick Insect

Macleays Spectre Stick Insect

Silk Moth

Silk Moth

Giant Hissing Roach

Giant Hissing Roach

Orchid Mantis<

Orchid Mantis

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