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Chinese Algae Eater

Fish Stock List

Please call us on 01749 938082 or visit us in store
to check availability of fish!        
 *Prices marked with stars are offer prices*
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             Cold Water & Temperate Fish

  Goldfish   £2.49   
  Black Moor £3.99  
  Borneo Sucker £3.99   
  Zebra Danio £1.25  
  Leopard Danio £1.25  
  Ranchu (Mixed) £3.99   
  Red Shiner Barb   £4.79   
  Weather Loach   £4.99   

                          Tropical Fish

  Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red  £6.99   
  Apistogramma Cacatoides Double Red  £5.99   
  Bolivian Ram  £3.99   
  Boesmani Rainbow  £4.49   
  Clown Loach  £6.49   
  Electric Blue Acara  £8.99   
  Rainbow Shark  £4.99   
  Black Angel Fish  £4.99   
  Golden Red Faced Angels  £4.79   
  Kribensis Ciclid  £4.49   
  Bronze Corydoras  £2.29   
  Skunk Corydoras  £4.99   
  Napo Corydoras  £4.99   
  Port Hoplo Catfish £3.49   
  Scissortail Rasbora  £   
  Honey Gourami  £3.99   
  Pearl Gourami  £4.49   
  Opaline Gourami  £3.99  
  Threadfin Rainbow  £1.99   
  Silver Shark  £4.49   
  Red Tailed Black Shark  £4.79   
  Fresh Water Goby £4.99   
  Pentazona Barbs  £2.99   
  Cherry Barb  £1.49   
  Glowlight Tetra  £1.25   
  Silver Molly  £2.00   
  Calico Molly   £2.49   
  Blue Moon Platy  £1.49   
  Sunset Wagtail Platy  £1.49   
  Neon Blue Dwarf Rainbow £2.49   
  Kuhli Loach  £2.00   
  Endler Guppy  £1  
  Green Lyretail Guppy   £2.29   
  Assorted Male Guppy  £2.29   
  Female Guppy   £1.79   
  Red Chinned Panchax  £4.99  
  Golden Wonder Panchax £2.49   
  Dumbo Ear Betta (Male) £12 -
  Algae Eater Loach £1.79 -
  Golden Sucking Loach  £1.99   
  Indonesian Flying Fox £3.99  
  Congo Tetra   £2.99
  Lemon Tetra £1.49   
  Flame Tetra  £1.25   
  Black Widow Tetra  £1.49   
  Neon Tetra £1.25   
  Cardinal Tetra  £2.29   
  Ember Tetra £1.25 10 for £10 
  Rummy Nose Tetra   £1.49   
  Denisonii Barb  £4.99   
  Botia Pakistani  £2.99  
  Harlequin Rasbora  £1.49   
  Gold Ancistrus  £6.99  
  Orange Ancistrus  £6.99   
  Ancistrus  £2.79   
  Electric Blue Ram £6.99   
  Swordtail £2.99   
  Red Line Rasbora £1.49  8 for £10 
  Synodontis petricola £8.50  
  Glowlight Danio £2.25  
  Synodontis Schoutedeni £8.99   
  Flash Pleco L204  £22.50  
  Royal Pleco  £35   
  King Tiger Pleco  £52.50   
  Golden Nugget Pleco  £35   

                      MALAWI CICHLID

  Haplochromis Borleyi Kadango £7.99   
  Labidochromis Black Back  £5.99   
  Nimbochromis Venustus  £5.99   
  Pseudotropheus johanni  £5.99  
  Aulunocara euraka Super Red  £8.49   
  Aulunacara lwanda Hai reef  £11.99  
  Aulunacara  Marleri Fi £7.99   
  Aulunacara Calico  £7.99   
  Aulunacara Stuartgranti Usysia fi £7.99   
  Pseudotropheus Savlosi Coral  £7.99   
Please call 01749 938082 for available species of Malawi
and Victoria Malawi Cichlid.


  Assassin Snails £2.99 -
  Nerritina snails  £1.25   
  Zebra Snail  £1.75   


  Large Armoured Shrimp £15   


 Please call 01749 938082 to check Shrimp Availability as our
selection of Shrimp changes frequently.
Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami
Most dwarf gouramis live for about four years. However, with proper care, they can live longer. Dwarf gouramis are generally peaceful fish. The much larger standard gourami can become aggressive. They do well in most community aquariums and they are good with most fish.

Leopard Cory

Leopard Cory
Very peaceful community fish. Will not intentionally bother tank inhabitants, however their bumbling about the tank may bother more delicate fish or other bottom dwellers. Are best kept in groups of 3-4 or more.

Rummy Nose Tetra

Rummy Nose Tetra
the rummy-nose tetra is a schooling fish, which exhibits tight schooling behaviour both in the wild and in the aquarium. Consequently, these fishes should be maintained in groups of no fewer than six individuals, with larger numbers being preferable where space permits

Flying Fox

Flying Fox
Being a community-tank fish, flying foxes are compatible with acaras, angelfish, barbs, danios, eartheaters, gouramis, knifefish, loaches, tetras and rasboras. Sometimes the Flying Fox will be a little aggressive towards other smaller aquarium fish if it is hungry.

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